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Corneria College
Votaris yawned a bit as he rocked in his chair in his dorm room. It had been some time since Mark left that Votaris started to feel a bit lonely thanks to his study cranks. He jumped when he heard something growl at him. Realizing it was his stomach, he quickly locked up his room and headed off for the cafeteria. After a few moments or so he bought some food and looked at the nearly empty cafeteria. He chose a table and began to chow down.

An old Golden Retriever had started his way up the college steps. It had been awhile since he had been here. He entered his old classroom and began to wipe the dust off the desk and chalk board. Yes, a chalk board, something Walter himself preferred to have.
[edit_reason]Guess what. the old dog is BACK :D[/edit_reason]