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No One Understands My Hardships
((I'm aware of that, and I guess I'm making up a planet XD))

"I can have the crew members accounted for in minutes, and I already have an idea for our destination. Heratia.

((Heratia is a planet that is kind of the equivalent of NYC, Tokyo, and Hong Kong all rolled into one. And there's no weapon restrictions so its a pretty dangerous planet. The entire planet is literally one giant city, kind of like Coruscant from Star Wars))

Life in General Just Plain Sucks
"Let's just say its a bit...crowded." he said. He released the airlock and the door opened. Hundreds of species roamed the space station before them. "Welcome to the ISS-Ventress. We hope you will enjoy your stay. Please remember to follow the basic laws and have a nice day." A female computerized voice said above them from a large speaker.

"That," Shentao said, "Would be Ventress herself. The giant computer that runs the station. Nothing escapes her view so long as we are here, we are always being watched. Come on, the weapons sales are on the east side of the station. And whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not lose sight of me or you will get lost." His voice was very serious. This was a very crowded place, and with everyone having a weapon, things could go from good to bad in seconds.

(PRIVATE) One Wrong Step
"Go on Sapphire! You're needed elsewhere!" Dahvir said over his shoulder. "We'll talk after this crisis is over."

A young vixen burst into the room carrying parts and held them out to Dahvir, along with his trademark BIG WRENCH.

Dahvir took the wrench and lightly kissed the end of it. Then he grabbed the fusion coil, immediately going to work on the gun.

(PRIVATE) One Wrong Step
[offtopic]Now look who forgot about it![/offtopic]

(PRIVATE) One Wrong Step
[offtopic]I didn't forget about it![/offtopic]
Dahvir shook his head after hitting the wall. "Yeah, let's go!" He said.

Another hit rocked the ship and it dove. "The starboard guns are malfunctioning!" a crew member shouted.

"And now I can be of help." he said. He ran to the guy at the door. "2nd gun mechanic Dahvir Narotuyen reporting." he said professionally. "Let me at the guns, I'll have them working in no time at all."

He dashed into the firing port and opened the access hatch. "The fusion coil is fried. I'll need a new one. It looks like your firing port is jammed as well." he said. He grabbed a mic from his belt. "Robbie. I need a 359 and a 294 on the double to firing port 5 on the Starboard side of the ship now!" he said. A crackled acknowledgement came through. Dahvir put it back. "A day in the life of a mechanic." he muttered, checking the rest of the gun.

(PRIVATE) One Wrong Step
Dahvir was on his way up to the bridge, when he ran into Sapphire. "Oh, hello. Didn't see you there. I'm Dahvir, 2nd mechanic in charge of the guns." he said, holding out a rather feathery hand. "And you are?"