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Star Wars: Blue team
- DahvirApr 28 2011, 01:31 PM"That's what I thought. Do you have any knowledge of the universe before the Clone Wars and the rise of the Emperor?""no, she recently had in Interest in the Jedi order and learning a power of an environment for the better use of the galaxy. And I don't really consider her a master just yet...... Really i think i'm the only one here that actually some of the old history books on the archives on Yavin..." Sarah noted, rolling her eyes...."The Emporer fell a few years back, I hear it was the Son of vader who ended the job but i don't know the whole story."

"It was indeed. His son....ah....Mike, or something like that, killed him just before the Death Star explosion." he said. Shentan's gaze fell upon the blocked entrance. "Oh perfect." He instinctively put his hood up.

Star Wars: Blue team
"That's what I thought. Do you have any knowledge of the universe before the Clone Wars and the rise of the Emperor?"

Star Wars: Blue team
"With all due respect Master...Krystal was it? I don't remember you from the Clone Wars era. Were you a master from the Old Republic?" he asked, keeping pace with them.

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan raised an eyebrow. "I may be old but I'm not slow. Lead the way."

Star Wars: Blue team
"With all do respect we need to get off world before the imperial's swarm this place master?" Alex started but stopped not knowing the Jedi's name.

"I'm fully aware of that." Shentan said. ~Impressive. She could sense I was a master without my revealing it directly~ "We should leave, but you need to rest. We need a pilot to take us off this rock. Do you have a ship?" He suddenly remembered that he had never introduced himself. "Oh, my apologies. I am Shentan. I'm an Ex-Jedi Master from the Old Republic. One that was never found."

Star Wars: Blue team
(He's an ex-Jedi master, so he's really, really powerful)

Shentan used force push to gently push her back down. "Relax." he said. "You need to rest. You were hit with a blaster bolt. Force heal can only do so much, but it doesn't heal everything."

Star Wars: Blue team
(Augh! The thread is moving without me!!! DX)

"Hold for a minute." Shentan said, walking over to Alex. "Who are you? I thought there were no Jedi left, yet here you are."

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan leaped off the top of the AT-ST and landed on his feet. He turned and lifted the AT-ST up off the ground with a bit of difficulty. He sneered and dropped the 10 ton machine on a large group of Stormtroopers. "Do I have to do this myself?!" he shouted with a smirk at Alex. "I know that you know how to use that!" He kept deflecting any bolt that came near him.

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan glared at the AT-ST. "This...should be fun." he said, a smirk appearing on his face. He dashed toward it, slicing up any Stormtrooper that dared to get in his way. He leaped up off of a Stormtrooper's head and planted his lightsaber in through the top of the AT-ST, holding himself up there. "This looks important!" he said, slicing an exterior panel and completely throwing off their targeting system.

Star Wars: Blue team
(Shentan to the rescue! Srry for putting everything outside..I thought they had walked out already :animesweat: )

Shentan's eyes flicked to the entrance of the cantina. "Oh perfect..." he sighed. He walked over to the Stormtroopers. "Excuse me officers..." he said. He rammed his lightsaber into the stormtrooper's back and activated it, the blade going through his chest. He whipped it out of him and hit a few others with the backlash.

"I would advise taking the other lightsaber from my belt and giving me a hand." he said sternly, deflecting the blaster fire that had erupted.

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan could still see them as they walked out of the cantina. He would continue to tail them from a distance.

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan wasn't focused on the wolf giving the female Jedi the recruiter's card. He was a bit more worried about the stormtrooper squad that was quickly headed in their direction. Shentan stood and his hood fell back. He brushed past their table. Shentan projected his voice into Alex's mind.

~I know you are a Jedi. I am as well. I suggest you leave quickly. Stormtroopers are going to arrive in a matter of minutes.~

He put his hood back up and quickly walked out, leaving the cantina's area and blending with the crowds.

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan smirked. That recruiter would end up coming to him next, and recognize him as the guy who was mocking the Empire earlier. But the smirk was for the attempt at the mind trick on this recruiter. He wasn't weak minded, so it would not be that easy.

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan reluctantly followed them. Even the mere thought of another Jedi still alive was enough. He walked inside, pulling his hood up far enough that his face was shadowed completely. He took a booth next to the girl.

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan cursed his luck. He was following the two people that just happened to go into the cantina that have a few people that hate him. This would not end well.

Well that was a bit rude. -_-

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan's curiosity rose slightly. Strange transmissions from a radio in the Dune sea? Couldn't be Sand People. Those lunkheads couldn't even figure out how to turn the dang thing on, let alone send transmissions. No, this was either the work of Bounty Hunters or Soldiers. However, he was more focused on the one called Alex. He could feel the Force flowing through her. She was strong. It was for this reason, that he kept following her.

A man bumped into his shoulder. "Hey, watch it you one-armed freak. You almost made me drop my supplies."

Shentan didn't react. He just stood there.

"Hey! I'm talkin to you!" the man yelled.

(Mind Trick) "No. You are not. You are going to go about your business and forget you ever saw or bumped into me." he said sharply, twitching his fingers slightly.

The man's face changed completely. In a monotone voice, he said "I am not talking to you. I am going to go about my business and forget I ever saw you or bumped into you."

(Mind Trick) "Now move along."

The man walked away slowly, going about his business.

Shentan shook his head and sighed slightly. He kept following those two girls from a distance again.

Star Wars: Blue team
Shentan was leaning against the outside wall of a bar when he heard a few girls use the words "Jedi" and "Mercenary" in the same sentence. Disgusting. Ex-Jedi, Force adept people, or anyone who carries a lightsaber as a weapon should never resort to being a merc. He watched them carefully and when they began to move, he put the hood of his robe up, hid his saber beneath his coat, and began to follow them from a distance.

Alright Kursed, I posted my Jedi on my Character page. its the last one

Dahvir's Characters!
Posted Image

Name: Shentan

Age: 60

Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 210 lbs

Eye Color: Dark Green

Alignment: Good (Jedi)

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Skin Color: Light Tan

Personality: Shentan is a very serious Jedi. He fights with aggression, but not with anger and hatred. His older age makes him wise, but he's still physically fit. Other Jedi that are still around occasionally come to him for advice and wisdom.

Bio: Shentan was just a youngling when Order 66 was given. He was lucky that he was not killed. He did however, lose his left arm and with the empire rising, he could not get a robotic replacement. All that remains is a small stub at the end of his left shoulder. His shirts however are still normal, so every left sleeve hangs down. By training himself and learning much about the Force, he became a Jedi that has the skill to rival that of a Jedi Master. He still remains today, fighting the Imperial remnant wherever they rear their ugly heads.

Weapons: Green Bladed Lightsaber and the Force

Vehicles: Z-10 Attack shuttle equipped with dual laser cannons and a proton torpedo launcher.

Other: None

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