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Star Fox: Origins
Peppy had arrived at the interrogation with James and Lance, and spoke up. "Wait a moment, Lieutenant. He may be a slob, among several other things, but he might prove useful. Perhaps some kind of... test, to see if he's worth the effort?" Peppy could hardly believe what he was saying. Why in the hell was he defending this idiot?

Still, he had to admit, he was curious to see just how good the hog actually was. He was easy enough to capture, but that was with a full team, and the hog's girth had weighed in against him. He had been successful in his own line of work, at least mildly, or he wouldn't have been worth the attention in the first place. Maybe if he proved to be skilled, they could make an effort to cleaning him up a bit?

Cornerian Academy
Scrap had been busying himself moving his stuff into the room he was to share with the Marcus fellow that had been mentioned to him aftering having his suggestion dismissed by the General. It hadn't really phased him that much. After all, Pepper wasn't familiar with him yet, or his technical knowledge. He had simply assumed that was the reason he had declined.

There wasn't really much on his mind at the moment. Random flutterings of thoughts regarding his various devices, the occasional thought of something else he could try at some point. He didn't even really notice the signs of Rasper's passing through.

[offtopic]Assuming he left any, of course.[/offtopic]

Star Fox: Origins
Peppy rolled his eyes with a slight smirk, and headed off after James. "Say, James. I was paying attention while we were out there. You may be a new recruit, but you obviously know what you're doing. Considering my legs, I'm a little ashamed I wasn't up there bouncin' from roof to roof before you to be honest. What'd you do before this?" He asked, catching up.

Star Fox Armada: The Queen Within
Blaze looked around at some of the others around, checking their weapons and making other such preparations. He pulled out his twin blasters, doing a quick checkover of them, and making a few flashy, but otherwise pointless moves with them before re-holstering them. For now, until the word was given, his hands were tied... not that he was particularly eager to rush off to face the Aparoids alone.

"Take all the time you need, witch." He muttered to himself. "We'll be waitin' for you with the lasers charged and ready to blast your bugs to hell and back."

Dark Crisis
I'm actually thinking I need to back out of this. As much as I liked the idea of playing Wolf, I'm really not sure where I want to go with it, I've got a lot on my plate as it is (and not just here).

Sorry. At least things aren't very well established yet on my end.

A bit of Blaze's Sprite-work
Small request from good ol' TheRedFox: Tenko!

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Cornerian Academy
Scrap glanced at his scanner. "I've only had the opportunity to scan one of the four main people he had contact with, Miss Marks here. I'm assuming that two of the others are the Lola and Todd McCloud you've been speaking of, and as for the final, I'm not really sure who or where he is. I've only just arrived at the Academy today, so I haven't really had time to get myself very acquainted."

Cornerian Academy
"Um, General? Sir?" Scrap asked, a little nervously. "I mentioned this before, but I was wondering if I might have permission to do a simple scan of those that were involved in fending off this intruder? Check to see if he tried to attach anything like small trackers, transmitters, or anything of that sort. For a professional, I feel he was driven off too easily, especially given that his apparent targets escaped relatively unscathed, leading me to think there must have been some ulterior motive to his attack."

Star Fox: Origins
Peppy let out a laugh at Lance's question. "You really are new - that "dame", Lance, is the general's daughter. Vixi Reinard."

Approaching James, he patted the fox on the shoulder. "So, James, embarass yourself in front of the General's daughter?" He asked with a chuckle.

Cornerian Academy
Panther found himself getting bounced between the two womens' fists like a pinball. Soon enough, he was on the ground, unconscious. One down...

Dark Crisis
Wolf smirked. The plan was quite simple, and took next to no effort on his part, at least at this point. He had Panther and Leon prepared as well. They would keep tabs on the orb, and wait for the inevitable theft. O'Donnel had already gotten wind of at least one or two different plots to steal it. All he had to do was wait for them to do the hard part for him, and get it out of the museum. Once the thieves were a safe distance away, he would move in with Panther and Leon and take it for themselves.

Simple, devious, and something that would easy to pull off. Even better, it would keep the initial heat off of himself. Once Corneria could track it to him, he'd already probably be done with it and have gotten rid of it.

Wolf chuckled to himself, and put in a call over a private channel to Panther and Leon to make sure all was well on their ends.

Star Fox: Origins
Peppy shrugged. "If you want. Just going to go say hi and chat a bit, really." Making his way outside, the hare snickered slightly as he caught sight of James, with what seemed to be the General's daughter walking away. Probably embarassed himself or something. He thought to himself, slowly making his way toward James.

Star Fox Armada: The Queen Within
Blaze let out a low growl as he pulled himself from the Spotflash, having been doing a bit of routine maintenance for his ship when Pepper's announcement sounded. "Don't you worry, hound dog, I don't plan on lettin' em get to me this time... came damn close enough last time on Zoness as it is." He muttered to himself. He'd been hired by Corneria as one of, he assumed, many mercenaries gathered to help fight off the coming attack. The last time the Aparoids had come to Lylat, it had been absolutely devastating, but this time there was some warning, and the leaders of Corneria wanted to take full advantage of that.

Krystal or not, if I get the chance, this new Queen is going down. I don't plan on sitting around and letting her cause havoc while they spend who knows how long looking for some kind of cure that probably doesn't exist. Sorry McCloud, but she's gone already.

Cornerian Academy
Panther's eyes widened ever so slightly at the staff, ready to fire. "Ok, fine." He admitted. He was unarmed, and TWO angry women were ready to smear his hide across the walls. "It really is a shame that we're stuck on opposite sides, you know."

Cornerian Academy
This was not going well for Panther - first this upstart swordswoman slashes his face, and then she kicks his blaster out of his hands. On the plus side, however, he had now been made aware that Krystal had entered the fray, if not in the way he would have liked.

Thrown to the ground by Krystal's attack, he rolled onto his back, and scrambled to his feet. "Ahh, the lovely Krystal... it breaks my heart to have to meet like this. I suppose this wretch of a woman is a friend of yours?" His eyes darted to the floor around him... where had his Blaster gone? Krystal or no Krystal, this woman needed to pay.

Cornerian Academy
Panther whirled about as Angel slashed with the blade. Rather than slicing off an ear, the blade cut into his face, drawing a cry of pain and rage from the feline. "You'll pay for that!" Throwing a punch, he then brought his Blaster up, and aimed squarely at Angel - at this range, it would be difficult to dodge. He didn't even register that Krystal had entered the room, so furious was he at the injury to his face.


Scrap whirled about when a new voice announced that he had beeen here during the attack. "Oh! Yes! You! You were one of the combatants who helped to drive him off! You were a big help... are you ok? If you're injured, we should get you to a medical professional. I fix machines, not people."

Scrap struck a thoughtful pose. "It would also be a nice opportunity to scan you for any foreign devices he may have tried to attach during the fighting. I'm not convinced he was just here to try and kill people. He must have had some ulterior motive... planting a tracker... transmitters, something. All we need to do is find it!" Scrap wasn't really talking to anyone in particular anymore, just simply muttering to himself.

Cornerian Academy
Scrap, having completed his scan and finding nothing, nodded. "That's correct - I don't believe she arrived early enough to recognise that he was hostile, so she went to see if he was ok, and he took the opportunity. He then proceeded to use her as a momentary distraction while he fled. I was able to block a few shots from hitting most of those here, but one of them unfortunately inflicted a casualty. From what I can ascertain, he seems to have been an assassin sent, presumably, after the two teachers mentioned, though for what reasons I can't be sure. I'd like permission to scan those that were involved in the struggle with him, however, as given the ease of driving him off, I believe he may have had ulterior motives. The miss here that was taken hostage has already proven clean of any foreign devices." Scrap's excited tone and lisp did nothing to emphasise the seriousness of what he was discussing.

Scrap finished with another short nod, displaying the small device he'd used to scan Leo. After a moment, he seemed to realize that he was speaking to General Pepper, and snapped to a quick salute. "Err, General. Sir."

StarFox Versus...
Well, if it's in a bar situation much like described above, it could easily come down to the first shot fired, and as Han's shown us before, he's good at coming out on top in a quickdraw situation.

Falco... we've never seen him out of his ship. You'll note that, in Assault, Falco is never ONCE seen outside his Arwing in Single-Player, and with good reason. He's the team's best pilot outside Fox. We have NO idea how well Falco would actually perform in a foot-based battle outside his multiplayer stats, where he can sprint like nobody's business, but he's about as durable as a house of cards in a tornado.

In terms of ship-based combat, I'm gonna have to give it to Falco. He's a natural pilot, he's got the skills, and let's face it, the Arwing is not unlike an X-wing on about fifteen kinds of crack. To my knowledge, the Falcon's weapons are all laser weapons, which Falco can deflect with Arwing's rolling shield technique, whereas Falco not only has his lasers to go for, but the already mentioned Smart/Nova Bombs, as well as the ability to lock onto his target, provided he can keep the sights on him. The Millenium Falcon may be "The Fastest Hunk of Junk in the Galaxy", but I doubt it's as maneuverable as an Arwing. Falco wins the space battle, hands down. Bigger's only better if you can actually hit your enemy.

I'm still torn on the ground, though. It could really go either way, it all depends on things like available cover, and how good Falco actually is in a gunfight on foot, because multiplayer stats are a poor thing to judge by for something like this.

Cornerian Academy
With the gravity reactivated, Panther fell back to the ground in a graceful three-point landing, still holding his blaster in the other hand. Glancing toward the computer, he saw Slippy typing furiously. "Not so fast, Frog - you've had your warning!" He yelled, firing off a few shots at the Frog, being careful to aim so that, if Slippy dodged, he wouldn't trash the computer.

Star Fox: Origins
"You know what, I'm going to go see what James is up to. Just sorta... get talkin'. We seem to have some free time right now, anyway." Peppy said, strolling leisurely out of the room, in the vague direction that James had gone. New face, perhaps, but newbie, not on my life. Seems nice enough, if a bit on the confident side.