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Star Fox Armada: The Queen Within
Blaze, meanwhile, was still in the hangar with the Cornerian army. This was the part he always hated the most about this kind of job; endless waiting, waiting to be given the green light to finally get out there and do what he'd been hired for. The Aparoids weren't sitting around waiting for permission to get to work, they were preparing, readying themselves to attack, and make it as devastating as they could.

We need to hit them first, he thought to himself, Or when they show up, they'll hit harder than they did the last time and exploit every opening in the formation, hit every weak spot, and make themselves all the more dangerous now that Krystal's leading them. We can't let them use her knowledge of our defenses against us, or we're doomed.

Blaze had climbed into the cockpit of the Spotflash, and was going over technical details, running diagnostics for the umpteenth time, and looking over his schematics, as he often did in situations like this. I swear, if this is Pepper delaying cause Star Fox isn't here yet to save the day again...