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Drake's poetry thread
I've been writing poetry since about 1999-2000-ish. This thread will have a lot of my poems, old and new. I will start with on I wrote on Friday. Enjoy!

This also appears in the Panther Caroso club on DA.

I will have some of my published works up soon too!

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A Panther's Footsteps ~ D. McCloud

- A Panther Caroso poem -

I take a walk outside and see some other marks
The winter's weather is cold as my warm breath leaves me
Earlier I noticed a rose gone from my black vase
Looking further, petals form a path for me to see

My breath leaves me once again as I see your silhouette
I continue to look at you as I am quiet and tread lightly
A gentle breeze brushes past and some petals float away
Clouds make way to sunlight and your body gleams beautifully

My paws rest in my coat pockets with a smile upon my face
I slowly see you turn around and I notice you smile too
Another breeze passes by making your hair ride the wind
The snow is very fluffy, continuing my journey towards you

As I am standing next to you I notice the rose with no petals
I give you a full rose from my coat pocket and you fill with bliss
Our footsteps stop with us as we stare hearts at each other
We then lovingly embrace as we exchange a wonderful kiss