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Drake's poetry thread

- Published in the book Invoking The Muse, by Howard Ely -

I feel alone so deep inside
I feel trapped in the unknown of reality
I wish that I could jump to another level
This realm is such a blinded society
I hope there's a time when I'm taken away
Spirited up to a real world very unharmed
How do I accomplish what I have sought?
I have no magic without any real charms
I close mine eyes and see a paradise
A realm where things are not what they seem
Lift me up and away wings, to this world
It's where I left off, where I must redeem
I imagine a dream that creates a realm
I walk through its portal, take me elsewhere
I concentrate my sight on something new
Is this world dangerous or is it fair?
I broaden my horizons and venture forth
I travel to and fro on grounds so light
This is a realm beyond the beautiful
This is imagination beyond its own delight

* * * * * * * * * *


Trigun poem. Enjoy!

Drake's poetry thread

- Published in the book, Great Poems of the Western World, by Lavender Aurora -

I'm given no reason to leave this world
But my own reason I cherish within
I'm forced through reality upon reality
These ripples are drenched in a sin
It's hard to face this, can't run away
Life sprints past me and the sky is broken
Like trying to run through space
I try to float away when mercy is what I've spoken
I've seen a world with many realms
Then something rises to stop my thoughts
This presence will not consume me
I will seek out what I have sought
I feel trapped by persons unknown
Held prisoner by my own mind
What's holding me back from walking free?
I won't be stolen away from my own kind
I will not live in this dark underworld
I'd rather raise an army and fight a mistake
I'll reclaim all things that were coveted
I've got the key to my great escape