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Well since no one has posted this yet.....
I remember a while back finding a few articles a while back talking about rumors of saying that RARE may be working on some games for the 3DS, one of them turning out to be Starfox Adventures(though the rumors have gotten to where some will say it's a sequel and another saying it's a remake)

Where it says it's a sequel- http://3ds.nintendolife.com/news/2011/04/rumour_rare_looking_into_3ds_development

Where it says it will be a remake- http://www.gonintendo.com/viewstory.php?id=156704

My questions for you guys:
Do you want to see Starfox Adventures come back?
As a Sequel?


Star Fox Adventures
I consider it my favorite in the series because it stands out from the rest of the Starfox series. Though I will admit, it did disappoint me a bit at times(I REALLY wanted to fight Scales wolfshowfang )

[ti]DA[/ti]Come up with your favorite video game quote
"Did you ever think your dreams were real? Go over and touch NiGHTS, you'll see what I mean..."

Perfect Dark vs goldeneye 007
Unfortunately I missed out on both of these games.
Yes I know, I'm a menace to society

The Gamecube, my favorite Nintendo console, had most of my favorite games, especially Metroid Prime

Star Fox Command
I thought Command was a fine game, but it's my least favorite in the series. The story was crap, and the controls were iffy. Once you get past the controls it was fun, despite annoying nuisances(like the TIME LIMIT). I also like how everyone had different ships

Worst command ending.
I liked 1 and 5 because they made it sound like none of the events ever happened, as for the rest

2. Generic happy ending, nothing bad about it though. However, I don't want to deal with Marcus just yet
3. Hated it, retarded to see Fox get screwed so abruptly like that
4. Also sucked, though unlike ending 3, it has potential
6. Basically says Dash is going to be the next villain, nothing wrong with this one either
7. It's great to see Slippy get a good ending
8. Star Falco? Yeeeaaaaaaa no.
9. Didn't really take this one as seriously as the rest, but the F-Zero reference was hilarious. For the heck of it, they should throw Falco and Fox in the Next F-Zero game

Top 5 Worst Games of All Time
5. Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22- This just HAD to come out at the height of my DBZ phase, I rememer getting this game, then being immensely disappointed
4. Batman Vengence- Got this for my birthday, liked some parts, but there were just some parts that I could not stand
3. Marvel Nemesis- I was impressed by the demo, but when I got the actual game, I was addressed with a huge WTF
2. Razor Racing(PS1)- I can understand why it sold for $10
1. Shrek Super Slam(GBC)- Awful controls, ugly graphics, cheap AI. Need I say more?

Which character from any game would you like to see in the next Super Smash Bros. game?
Megaman and Viewtiful Joe

EDIT - And Travis Touchdown

pictures of members
Oh thanks. I have always wanted to collect more pictures of Megas75 to add to my collection

Wait a minute.....unless you're from the future.....