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Starfox overclocked
Apr 30 2013, 12:12 PM
Sorry for my lack of enthusiasm. I just woke up when I posted that. Hmm interesting. Though how much extra heat or wear and tear does that throw around on the system due to the overclock?
No extra heat, no extra wear and tear, it runs fine on any stock model snes. To put it into perspective the default clock speed is 21.4 mhz. Ive played for hours at 60 mhz and it doesn't even get more than a little warm. I've been playing these overclocked carts on snes systems for years with zero issues. The only thing that changed over time is I found hardware and software tricks that let me gradually increase the overclock speeds. My first overclocked starfox cart had a max speed of just 28.322 mhz.

Starfox overclocked
Julius Quasar
Apr 30 2013, 09:22 AM
Dude, that is awesome! I remember how slow they were to process, but that's a great job you did there.
Thanks. The framerate always bothered me with superfx games. Slowdown never bugged me but frame drop always annoyed me. When I started modding consoles I went around the internet, learned how to solder, learned how to overclock, and eventually learned a little assembly hacking. This's a project I've been slowly tweaking and improving since 2011. Most likely I've got these games going as fast as I can without completely reprogramming them which will never happen.

Starfox overclocked
Hello, I'm Drakon, a retro gaming modder. I managed to get snes superfx games running very smoothly on the real superfx chip. I achieved this by finding the right replacement hardware, overclocking the superfx chip and slightly reprogramming the games to enable certain hardware modes that allow them to overclock faster.

The following captures were taken from a real snes console. Running modified superfx cartridges.

Starfox 1 running at 60 mhz:


Starfox 2 running at 53 mhz:


A side by side video showing starfox 1 running at default speed next to the modified cartridge running at 57 mhz: