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My Roleplay Characters

My Roleplay Characters
:thi: The first I'm posting is my main, the other characters I'll post later. :animesweat:

Name: Amethyst Frog
Age: 16 years Before Lylat Wars (Age 26)
gender: Female
Height: around 3 ft tall
Weight: 76 lbs
Eye color: Purple
Species: Amphibian (frog)
Hair description: Long Brown hair up in a gold hairband that nearly reaches her ankles.
Fur color/pattern: Furless, Green
Vocal description: I'm not one to know how to describe a character's vocals, sorry.
Body description: I have supplied thee with a picture!
Attire/Appearance: Posted Image
Posted Image
Family: Her only living family would be her father, who is currently serving as the leader of a tribe on Fortuna.
Occupation: Assistant Mechanic of the Starfox team.
Side: Good
Birthplace: Fortuna, her mother's homeplanet, however, was Aquas, But since her mother's death she had to be raised on Fortuna instead of Aquas, where her parents wanted to raise her.
Current Location/Residence: The Great Fox
Training/Speciality/Skills: Skilled in mechanics and hacking. As a frog she has great jumping skill that is similar to that of most of her amphibian race. Also has incredible hand-to-hand combat skills, however, this does not make her invincable, and no one can guarantee she will win every battle she's confronted with.
Special markings: none
Other info:
-Amethyst was named for her purple eyes, also named after a stone because her mother was.
-Amethyst is sometimes a flirt for laughs.
-Amethyst can get quite moody.
-Amethyst is somewhat silly.
-Amethyst has a crush on Slippy, however, she will deny and attempt to hide it.
Amethyst's parents met during one of her mother, Sapphira's missions on Fortuna before the lylat wars. During this mission the two had gotten to know each other, and liked each other.
Amethyst's mother was a mercanary as well as an important authorative figure of her homeplanet, Aquas. What type of figure is unknown, but many have said she was possibly a princess of some Aquasian Dynasty. Amethysts father was a prince of a Fortunan tribe. Soon after that mission, the two had gotten married, and later Sapphira gave birth to Amethyst. Amethyst was born and raised on Fortuna. Sapphira kept at her missions, unable to find time for her husband or daughter. She had later died of unknown cause during a mission with the former starfox team, and coincidentally, around the time of James' death. This got Amethyst's father paranoid, and he decided to limit what jobs Amethyst could take when she was older, obviously making the job of a pilot or mercanary, off-limits.
Later, while being raised, Amethyst often questioned about her mother, and every response she obtained from her father, was a useless vague one. This got her angry everytime, so later (during Lylat Wars), after finding some hidden files on the case of her mothers death, she decided to run off from home and return to her mother's homeplanet, Aquas, in hopes of restoring it. Sometime after the Lylat Wars and fox's mission on Sauria, Amethyst helped the starfox team on a mission on Fortuna- even though there was a risk of her father finding her again. While on the job, she had met and gotten along with their mechanic, Slippy pretty well, for she did have some knowledge on Mechanics. Afterwards, she decided to join the team, and Slippy decided to mentor her in mechanincs and taught her about computers- including how to hack them. At somepoint during her career, after finishing up a mission on Fortuna, her father had discovered she was alive, but in starfox. Having known his wife had died after joining starfox, he had many suspicions on the subject, and was afraid to have the same thing happen to his daughter. So he decided Starfox was not welcome to his tribe, and attempted many times to bring them down, but after another mission on Fortuna that involved protecting the tribe, Amethyst's father thought better of the team, and apologized for his rude, childish actions, and let Amethyst stay on the team, also telling her she was just like her mother.
Amethyst now resides in the Great Fox (as mentioned earlier).