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Star Fox: Legacy
You know this story...

Or at least you know how it ends.

It ends in bloodshed across worlds.
It ends in utter devastation, both tangible and emotional.
It ends with the event that defined an era.

This is the story that started it all...
It is a nebulous tale hinted at, but never fully explored.
It is a sequence of events so often taken for granted, that must work out somehow.
It is one of the greatest stories left untold.

I will tell you the story of the Lylat System:
I will show you how it worked, how it faltered and at last, failed.
I will show you the politics, economics and society that drove it.
I will show you its people, with hopes, dreams and issues of their own...

I will tell you the story of Star Fox:
I will show you how it all began, how it nearly ended.
I will show you why the villains fell to their faults,
And how the heroes rose to the challenge...

I will tell you the story of James McCloud:
I will show you how he lived, how he loved...
I will show you how he fought, won, lost...
And at the end of all things, I will show you his fate.

I will tell you the story of the Legacy...

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This is a highly ambitions fan fiction project I've been cooking up for a while now. It is an attempt to write a complete backstory for the Star Fox series. Drawing upon elements from the games themselves, I will explore many aspects of the characters, setting, and the world that led into the war that defines this iconic series. Major elements include the formation of team Star Fox under James McCloud and the events leading up to it, exploration of the Cerinia topic including its destruction, and the big-picture events that ultimately lead to the Star Fox series as it is known

Below are links to the story's FF.net pages:

Volume I

Volume II

Feel free to drop a comment here, or on the FF.net page using the site's review function. Take care.