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I am amused by this topic.

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What Would The Ultimate Star Fox Game Include?
An Ultimate SF Game eh?

Well for starters it needs to be easy to understand. I know I'm one of those people who start out a game with "Uhh... What do I do?" (I'm lazy, so what? :P )
The plot NEEDS to have the original characters and must include Krystal. :blush: and, hell, they can add as many characters as they want.
I'm at least hoping for a game with a first-person look to it, ya know something like TF2, or as you said, Halo.
It's going to need guns, lots of guns. A WHOLE ... GARGANTUAN LOAD OF WEAPONRY! For a wide range of customization.
Good written missions and story-line (Elder Scrolls) and other things to keep the gamer active. As well as some fun little side games and such.
This game would also have to not be "childish" and an ESRB rating of "M." The more violent games are the ones most gamers are interested and would have a high chance of success.

Most importantly, this game would need [rainbow]Pizzazz [/rainbow]. Make it fancy and all :lol: .

Greetings Other-people
Thanks for the warm greeting, before the Holidays! :)

I know you Arashikage, how could I not. :P

I also think I remember you too Julius. Benn awhile.

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Das image!


Greetings Other-people
Given the fact of my "newyness" i figure this is where I can say hello and such. :animesweat:

So I'm High Executor19, I write music, draw art and other such artistic things. Plus it's nice to meet you all! :nod: