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Elder Scrolls Series
Oblivion was the first Elder scrolls game I got into, first played it on the ps3. When skyrim was announced I was all hyped up for it. I even built my PC just to play it <3 though I played skyrim first on my brothers ps3 then the xbox 360 due to DLC.

But after awhile I realized Skyrim was a bit repetitive still fun just repetitive it took me awhile to finish the game because I always just start over, heck I even tried to get all the achievements on steam for skyrim but then I stopped. Then I got morrowind which I didn't play a whole lot. I tried daggerfall and I did not like it.

Pics of the Members
I'm thinking about posting a pic of myself as well.

Worst command ending.
I didn't really care for none of them. All of the ending's felt like a disappointment to me.