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my characters
Yes that would be great! ^^

Yeah, I wasn't thinking at the time so I had forgot, she's female. :animesweat:

my characters
Name: Lana Deiz
Age: 22
Height: 5foot 2inches
Weight: 122lbs
Eye color: Mainly a Dark Blue, when angry Red
Body color: Purpleish pink
Species: Dragalinaian Falcon
Mother: Milissa
Father: Vincent
Brothers: none
Sisters: Lani (twin), Violet
Gender: Femalre
Bio: her mother died when her and her twin sister were born. She is the Queen of the Fire sector in Dragalinaia. She stumbled upon Corniria when her step father told her they were being relocated to Corniria , she then entered the Cornirian academy and only came as far as doing strategics. Her lack of flying an arwing is all because she has a fear of it breaking down on her.

My mostly used character.[edit_reason]forgot a little something.[/edit_reason]

I want to be Falco and Lanq