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The Arctic Fox
Jul 28 2010, 12:37 PM
The Game play had a good feel to it, but the story was just a little to strange for my taste.

But the Game is pretty much what made me Interested in FF in the first place So I have to give it some Credit. The Optional Sephiroth boss fights were probably the most difficult part about 1 and 2 Because it felt like weeks just to finally bring him to the last bar of his health.

I played the GBA version of Memories which a good game to play on the Go, but I havn't felt much of a reason to buy the Remake.

To be honest, it took a little while to get used to seeing Goofy and Donald in a serious light...I'm still having trouble imagining Mickey like that lol

Ugh, the first time I found Sephiroth on 'Kingdom Hearts' I was so excited, so ready to own him...but then I died in about four seconds o.o

Well, like I said, I bought the PS2 and the three games all in one day in one trip to the same store XD 'Re: Chain of Memories' took some getting used to for me, what with the different fighting style, but it's a good game...I hate the final boss (yeah, just got to it last night)

(Gah, I don't know how to multi-quote...)

@ Nick: Ooh, a third one? I just hope it isn't on the PS3...Though of course it will be lol

@ Julius: Heh, that's fine.
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