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Julius Quasar
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Name: Lola Foxglove

Age: same as Todd

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: "None of your business! Hmph!"

Eye Color: Silver

Species: Red Vixen

Hair Description: Red, short "Bob" style

Fur Color/Fur Pattern red, with orange tinge

Vocal Description: Low, sultry, seductive voice, reminiscent of Kathleen Turner's or Uma Thurman's voices

Body Description: Svelte, curvy

Attire/Appearance: Black Leotards, crimson over-bust corset with shoulder straps, black boots, black leg garter, fishnet stockings, long crimson hooded cape OR a crimson military-style jacket, low profile high-end voice modulating secure channel communication headset.

Family: The Foxglove Crime Family (250,000 relatives, and growing), Todd McCloud, husband, Fox McCloud, cousin in law.

Occupation: Showgirl, singer, dancer, actress, model, performer/entertainer, mercenary and pilot

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "A Dark March", by Danger Mouse (GTA: Liberty City Stories Theme)

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence:McCloud Hall

Training/Specialties/Skills: Showgirl, singer, dancer, actress, model, performer/entertainer, mercenary and pilot, seductive, charismatic, can imitate any voice in the universe perfectly; Beautiful, smart, clever, fast, stealthy, furtive, calculating, brave. Good pilot, unarmed combat skills, great cook, and great shot (Vessel and Weapons), surprisingly strong. Guerrilla and Survivalist Skills, sabotage, espionage, covert ops. Lola is also a ventriloquist, and hypnotist...and a mistress of disguise.

Special Markings: Wears lots of makeup, has a "beauty mark" on her cheek.

Personality: A real rogue, Lola is a mad, sneaky, sociopath. She is smart, conniving, clever, and great at manipulation. She loves getting men to do what she wants them to. She is possessive, protective, jealous, and nearly mentally unstable. She's wilder than Todd. She is very amorous, flirtatious, but also very controlling.

Other info: A wild girl, Lola came from a VERY wealthy and influential, but extremely dysfunctional, mafia family...Lola is a spoiled, rebellious princess, but also a fierce warrior, and a Machiavelli genius at schemes. She fell in love with Todd, and followed him around, even tried to join the same school as him...when they both graduated from school, Lola followed Todd to the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy, Graduated with him, and convinced him to date her. After a rocky relationship, Todd and Lola broke up. Lola has worked as a showgirl at casinos in Zoness, a Cabaret Performer, a dancer, singer, actress, model, magician's assistant, and a mercenary, until she was blacklisted from the entertainment industry. Lola is a negative influence on anyone unfortunate enough to encounter her. However, Lola once saved Todd's life, after they broke up. Lola and Todd are now happily married.

Weapons: Select-fire Semi/Full automatic High Quality Hyper-Laser Pistol (MP-7 style), Dagger, Fiber Wire Garrote hidden in a disguised jeweled necklace, poison chambered black jeweled ring (flip top).

Vessel: "The Encore", A customized/reprogrammed Androssian Harlock Class Frigate, with a barrier shield added to it. Lola has also repainted and redecorated it; its decor: the exterior, crimson, and the skull on the side replaced with theater masks, the (tragedy-comedy masks)...inside are curtains in a pseudo stage proscenium arch the ship's cabin archway that can open and close that conceal the back area of the cabin, dark red walls, black trim, black [padded] floor, Casbah lantern with shatter-proof stained glass (on a stiffened, secure chain), dark red and dark purple pouf chairs (securely fastened), plenty of small pillows (secured in a gossamer net on the floor) copies of great artwork, and small posters of theater and dance performance plays stuck on the walls...
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