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Julius Quasar
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Name: Akasha (Roxanne) Sharavan

Age: ??? (Krystal's age, presumably)

Gender: Female

Height: 4' 7" (I know, tiny, huh?)

Weight: She's...very light, let's leave it at that.

Eye Color: Large, round, yellow eyes

Species: Smoke Persian Cat

Hair Description: short, dark

Fur Color/Fur Pattern dark, long silky fur with thick white/silver fur undercoat

Vocal Description: High, somewhat whiny

Body Description: Small, stout, wiry (she's a runt)

Attire/Appearance: Pilot Flightsuit, Pilot Boots, Pilot Cowl with her ears sticking through it, Pilot Goggles, Ornate Flight Scarf

Family: Both parents are dead, her father was the mayor of Katina city and he and his wife were killed in a limo accident disguised as an assassination by Akasha's dad's political enemies. Akasha survived the wreck as a kitten. Akasha is married to Kylie Buranetto now, and they have a daughter together, named "Roxanne".

Occupation: Technician, mechanic, computer hacker, scientist, Bounty Hunter for hire

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "I Found my Way" by Sally Dworsky

Birthplace: Katina

Current Location/Residence: Katina, Corneria...

Training/Specialties/Skills: VERY fast, agile, clever. Expert at technology, bombs, booby traps, sabotage, espionage, survival, and unarmed combat. Skilled engineer, scientist, technician, mechanic, and computer/electronics hacker. Studied science as a gifted student under the tutelage of Dr. Andross (before he went bad).

Special Markings: None.

Personality: Akasha's upbringing turned her into a paranoid, spooky, crazy, angry, antisocial hermit. She suffers from abandonment issues, if she is left behind by those she loves or depends on, she gets destructive and violent. She has trust issues, and is fearful of her own shadow. However, this fear can trigger very good fight AND flight responses, making her a fierce fighter. Not physically strong. Not big (a runt). Paranoid. Generally antisocial. Crazy. Gets ill easily/frequently. For some reason, she likes to stare at someone while they're in the shower.

Other info: Akasha's parents were killed in a supposed vehicle "accident", although many, including Akasha, suspected foul play. Akasha was a baby at the time, riding with her parents when they crashed. Akasha witnessed her parent dying right in front of her. Akasha was put up for adoption, and her foster father committed suicide, right in front of her, her foster mother mother neglected her, leaving Akasha alone for days at a time in her Katina home. Akasha's foster mother dated a violent, abusive thug boyfriend who abused and tortured Akasha for years. At age 18, Akasha was [sexually] assaulted by an older male feline, who then beat her up and left her for dead. To this day, no one knows who he was.

Akasha served in the Cornerian Military, and when General Pepper himself saw Akasha's intelligence and potential, she was conscripted to and graduated from the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy. She then flew in Katina's Air Force under Bill Grey's mentorship. After the Katina Base Battle, and the Androssian Wars, Akasha suffered mental trauma, and post traumatic stress syndrome. Akasha spent time in and out of asylums. She is currently out of the asylum, now.

Akasha never rejoined the military, despite her "Honorable Discharge" after the Androssian Wars, but she has worked as a bounty hunter for hire. Akasha's real first name is Roxanne, but her foster mother changed it to "Akasha". The name stuck.

(In an alternate reality, Krystal adopts Akasha as a step sister, even though Akasha is an adult.)

Weapons: (2) Titanium Retractable Claws strapped to her forearms, they are similar to Wolverine's, except hers are removable from her forearms, and made of titanium. High Quality compact customized laser pistol. Personal Barrier Shield that protects from MOST attacks (not all attacks). Customized Hyper Laser Assault Rifle with Long Range shooting abilities (it's like a hyper-laser version of a Ruger Rifle).

Vessel: "The Grumpy Puss", an Androssian Harlock Class Frigate. Akasha stole it from Andross' Army after the war, copied its blueprints blueprints/schematics, customized/reprogrammed it, and installed a barrier shield in it. (In an alternate reality Akasha is later given a bloodstone red Veritech Fighter dubbed "Lightning Paw", courtesy of Krystal Buranetto.).

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