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Name: Detective Tina "Babs" Conijn

Age: (Krystal's Age)

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 130 lbs

Eye Color: Black

Species: French Lop Rabbit

Hair Description: Short, but stylish, and white, with gray fur ears

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: White, with gray splotches

Vocal Description: Soft spoken, slightly high pitch

Body Description: Fit

Attire/Appearance: Conservative Black Blouse, Grey Blazer, Grey Knee Length Skirt,
black leotards and white tights worn underneath her clothes, Black Trench Coat, Black Fashion Boots

Family: Nasty ex husband, a big fat English Lop Rabbit, whom she divorced and got some good money from as a result of that, after he mistreated her because she was barren and couldn't produce any children for him.

Occupation: [Retired] Police Detective, now a Private Eye

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "True Love" by Thou Shalt Not

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence: Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: Police Training, Detective Training, Online Correspondence Law and Criminal Justice Degrees.

Special Markings: Just splotches of gray on random places of her white fur, though her fur becomes more gray when she sheds during seasonal changes

Personality: Timid, Passive, yet earnest, sincere, kind but sometimes picky and temperamental, as well as territorial. Mature, but tends to be stubborn. Smart, Fast, Physically fit, great instincts and intuition. Easily scared, temperamental, insomniac, sometimes absent minded, stubborn.

Other info: Babs spent time in the Cornerian Army, where she was a soldier, a fighter pilot (and Graduate of the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy), and later a police officer, a Police Detective for the Corneria City Police Department, then she honorably retired early and became a Private Detective and Bounty Hunter. She is sterile, and can never have children, which led to her divorce.

Weapons: High Quality Compact Laser Pistol, Barrier Shield, Lockback 1 Handed Opening Knife.

Vessel: A Decommissioned/Restored/Customized/Unmarked/Armed/Armored CCPD Riot Vessel. Strong, but slow.
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