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Julius Quasar
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Name: Rud "Pal" Whetherwax

Age: 27/28(?)

Gender: Male (cross dresses, though)

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye Color: Soft Brown

Species: Collie

Hair Description: Long, beautiful, flowing, silky.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Typical that of a collie.

Vocal Description: Feminine, high, soft.

Body Description: Slender, Feminine (despite being a male)

Attire/Appearance: Black Pilot Boots, urban black and white camouflage pants, gray tank top, red neckerchief bandanna

Family: The Whetherwax Family, whom he hates, except for his late Uncle Niles. Pal is also married to Fay Spaniel, and they have at least 2 kids, Ryu and Aurora.

Occupation: Ex-Cornerian Military Pilot, Mercenary for Hire.

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "Madhouse" by Anthrax "Manhattan Skyline" by A-Ha

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence: Corneria, His late Uncle Nile's mansion that Uncle Niles left him in the will.

Training/Specialties/Skills: Skilled Marksman, Unarmed Combat/Hand to Hand fighting expert, good physical health, good pilot, brave, reliable, loyal.

Special Markings: None

Personality:Pal has a split personality, is effeminate, but still straight, has subtle metrosexuality, is calm, cool, collective, and confident (but not cocky) one minute, and an angry raging lunatic the next. Pal is obsessive-compulsive, a neat freak, and a germ-o-phobe, paranoid, security conscious, brooding...and mentally unstable. However, he is also loyal, kind, and comes through for those who need him the most, when they need him the most. Hates and mistrusts authority, his family, and society. His effeminate tendencies, and feminine appearance cause many males to accidentally mistake Pal for a female, which makes Pal even angrier and meaner. Has a shattered view of the world.

Other info: After being Grounded from the Cornerian Air Force due to mental instability, Pal was stung with anger, hate, vengeance, and paranoia. Although he harbors grudges towards the government, he actually hates all forms of authority, leading to his Mercenary-for-Hire, loner lifestyle. Pal is not a criminal or evil villain, but his life's unfavorable turns made him unpredictable, crazy, and disgruntled, as well as distrustful of society. He has trouble holding down jobs, fights with his family, whom he hates with a seething vengeance. He came from a well-to-do family that mistreated him, and cheated him out of his share of the family fortunes...

However, Krystal, Akasha, Silas, Todd, and the rest of his friends not only helped Pal steal his share of the family fortune, Pal also inherited the large mansion where his late Uncle Niles lived. Pal also found a huge financial fortune of money, gold, and jewels hidden in the mansion (the mansion is similar to Luigi's Mansion). Pal is a cross dresser, throughout his childhood, Pal lived with and took care of his crazy old Uncle Niles a lot, to get away from his immediate family, who was abusive towards him. Unfortunately, Uncle Niles raised Pal as a girl for the longest time...

Weapons: Butterfly Knife, High Quality Hyper-Laser Pistol, Compact Lightweight Flamethrower.

Transport: The Startouch: A Small, 5 Point Star Shaped Vessel, can fire triple lasers from three star points, has G Diffusers, and has smart bomb launching capabilities
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