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Name: Misty Bluehour

Age: 1 year older than Krystal(?)

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: "Take your time, I'm in no hurry, hon!" *winks*

Eye Color: Soft Black

Species: Silver Vixen

Hair Description: Dark Gray to where it's almost black, OR silver with shimmering highlights, in a "Short Bob" Diva style

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Gray, with white/silver trim.

Vocal Description: High, Breathy. (like Jennifer Tilly, or Cynthia Mann)

Body Description: Curvy, Svelte

Attire/Appearance: Varies. Is known to dress like Krystal in tribal attire, or in a blue showgirl outfit like Kylie Minogue's, or in a silver dance outfit like in "Moulin Rouge", but generally wears black leotards, a crimson skirt, fishnet stockings, black Mary Jane ballet slippers, and a black jacket.

Family: None to speak of...

Occupation: Actress, Showgirl, Magician's Assistant, Bohemian Artist, Dancer, Singer, Musician, Spy/Mercenary for hire.

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "Dark Angel" by Elis

Birthplace: Zoness

Current Location/Residence:Zoness

Training/Specialties/Skills: Smart, Fast, clever, fearless, kind, good common sense, beautiful, good natured, patient, forgiving. Also very talented, and charismatic in her own way.

Special Markings: None, just wears heavy makeup (applied properly/tastefully).

Personality: Misty is kind, quiet sometimes, and a hellraiser other times. She is unique, clever, flighty, secretive, mischievous, but well meaning, and altruistic. Mischievous, sneaky, impulsive, flighty, mistrustful towards, paranoid, makes things more complicated than they need to be. Smart, Fast, clever, fearless, kind, good common sense, beautiful, good natured, patient, forgiving.

Other info: Misty grew up on Corneria, and Zoness, visiting her family's summer home there, and eventually buying it for herself for almost nothing. Her family consisted of talented performers, and she has been great friends of Todd McCloud and Lola Foxglove for years. She is a performer and artist, though not as big a performer as Lola Foxglove was/is, but she works as a spy/merc for hire as well, for reasons only known to herself.

Weapons: Barrier Shield, Hyper-Laser Pistol (MP-7 Style), Dagger.

Vessel: Crab-like flying saucer with land and water exploring abilities, holds 6,
has retractable legs, arms, pincer claws, and hyper-laser cannons, and smart bomb launching, heavy armor.
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