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Todd and Lola live in a converted/gentrified old industrial space loft on Corneria, in the capital City, along with a place on Zoness, an abandoned Kani Fishery and Wharf, which Todd converted to a livable residence with a conditional use permit, and turned into a vacation home, it still retains the look of the old wharf/fishery but has the comforts of a home, some of its features include an indoor lap pool with resistance trainer jets, indoor jacuzzi, gym, media room, library, outdoor decks, etc.

Edge converted an old concrete pier Amusement Park on Zoness, he lives there and fixed it up, with a conditional use permit. His home has all the aesthetics of the amusement park, but the rides are decommissioned, and most of them disabled, but NONE of the rides are dismantled. The Giant Ferris Wheel is locked in place, although Edge secretly unlocks and uses it to get a view of the area. The roller coasters, however, are welded permanently to the tracks, the engine motors for the coaster track lifts disabled. The bumper cars and the dark ride still work, but they're usually turned off. The tilt-o-whirl and the Troika-Style rides are disabled, as are the rocket arm rides. The fun-house, however, is totally operable. The flat rides don't work, nor do the drop towers, but the pendulum ship ride and the carousel-style swing ride both work. The carousel itself, with the sea horses on it, is restored and working fine.

Babs lives in a top floor penthouse, a nice one, on Corneria. She has her own separate office for her detective agency as well, a small building she owns. She prefers not to live too close to work.

Saucerer 2: an improved version of the Original Saucerer Mothership from SF64, its cannon is on the bottom, its core
generator on top, as a revolving recessed ring-like mechanism surrounding its core, and protecting its core, and
protected by a barrier shield. The Saucerer 2 can house lots of ships, it has 4 Hatches. It's purple, with 4 Giant Red Star Fox insignias, bigger than the original Saucerer, but takes 5 minutes to charge its core weapon, which is more powerful.

Helmsman Wilhelm (a.k.a. "Willie")-The A.I. Program of Saucerer 2, performs all tasks of Saucerer 2, takes on the Hologram Form of an anthropomorphic German Wiemmerhiner Dog in German WW1 Military Style Attire.


Pigma's old Star Fox Assault Ship, Modified: It has newer, better engines, and has twin hyperlasers. Its interior has been sanitized, reupholstered, and its exterior has been repainted blood red with a white Star Fox Emblem. Todd and Lola "found it".

Todd and Lola now have their own place, just outside Corneria City:

McCloud Hall

McCloud Hall is a large, beautiful Gothic mansion on a solid seaside mountain bluff with a large private sandy beach and an indoor pool and indoor jacuzzi, sauna, great room, rec room, trophy room, with part of it made into a shrine to James McCloud, secret passages, vault, panic room, hidden surveillance cameras, alarms, turrets/towers, gargoyles, Gothic filigree walls, Gothic exposed truss and trestle ceiling beams, vaulted high arched ceilings, and/or coffer-ed ceilings, dining hall, armory, fireplaces, study, library, workout gym, ballroom, a theater with a stage, curtains, and seating, lots of suite rooms, gated and walled multi-acre park-like grounds, a hedge maze, dungeon, ramparts, aircraft hangar, clock tower, conservatory, solarium, and more...

Todd and Lola seized control of the mansion from a local crime boss, as they crushed his organization, which they then took over in the protection ring that the crime boss had. Todd and Lola also took over some local businesses and made them more profitable.

Planet Sauria: Cape Claw Cottage

Todd and Lola also have a beautiful cottage on Planet Sauria, a stone beach cottage in Cape Claw, they bought it after selling General Scales' Galleon back to him. General Scales stupidly gambled his Galleon away to Todd, and bought it back from Todd at a steep price, allowing Todd and Lola to buy that nice beach cottage in Cape Claw.

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