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Julius Quasar
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This is for the next generation of my Fan Characters (for "In the Future RP's and Fanfics):

Name: Attila Sharavan
Age: 21
Height: 6'
Species: Half Smoke Persian, Half Smoke Tabby (Lylatian)
Home-world: Katina
Physique: Muscular (Slightly)
Attire: Dark colored designer jeans, Grey button-up short-sleeve shirt (with a black tank top underneath), Chocolate colored brown jacket, black side zip boots.

Occupation: Hit-man and mercenary for hire
Weapons: Customized laser pistol with a silenced muzzle, specialized carbon fiber combat knife (not detectable by metal detectors), customized SPAS-12 style shotgun (with extra standard, slug, and flachette ammo, interchangeable short-barrel, magazine clip, stock-mounted fast shell reload clip, rail mount and scope, folding butt-stock, and a silencer), and a stun gun.

Vessel: Customized Corneria Dense Fleet Fighter with Twin Lasers

Strengths: Fast, very strong, agile, smart.

Weaknesses: Clinically/Criminally insane, violent, destructive, unpredictable, poor social skills.

Personality: Attila is vicious, angry, sometimes unfocused. He has an explosive temper, has poor social skills, and is a violent schizophrenic, with touches of dementia, and the strength of 8 males. He is known to whistle the song "When the Saints go marching in." as a habit

Background: Attila is the bastard child of Akasha Sharavan. Akasha was sexually assaulted by a vicious male smoke tabby cat when she was only 18, and has kept Attilla's existence a secret, lying about him, she is ashamed and frightened of him. Attilla was given up for adoption after Akasha gave birth to him (she lied about ever having a child as a result of the sexually assault, claiming she "had a birth prevention device in her at the time it happened", but truth is, it was after Attila was born.). Attila has spent most of his life in asylums, and juvenile detention centers (where he received his education), and was discharged at adulthood. He wanders the universe as an angry, dangerous, hateful, lonely lost soul...

Theme song: "When the Saints go marching in."

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