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Name: Lillith McCloud
Age: 22
Height: 5' 10"
Species: [Cornerian] Red Fox
Home-world: Corneria
Physique: Curvy, Svelte
Attire: Red or Black cocktail dress, each with matching specially designed high heels (formal wear), Armored Leotards designed to deflect cutting blade and energy attacks (lasers, etc.) with a two-way zipper in the back for her tail to protrude, or even be tucked inside for safety/maneuverability, combat boots with retractable, interchangeable titanium OR fiberglass toe-blades.

Occupation: Actress, Dancer, Singer, Artist, Showgirl, Magician's Assistant, Mercenary/Assassin/Spy for hire.

Weapons: Psionic Bull-Whip (light blue), High-Quality Compact Laser Pistol, Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Composite Combat Knife. Her "High Heeled Shoes" she wears to formal events have hidden poison vials in the heel spikes.

Vessel: A spacecraft resembling a Lear Jet. It has dual high powered lasers, Nova Bomb capabilities, and is extremely fast, VERY comfortable cabin interior (has a bathroom AND a shower pod), but it cannot maneuver like an Arwing, it's not very combat practical. Known as "The Shooting Starlet".

Strengths: High potential, great performer/entertainer, talented (like her mother) brave, strong, smart, clever, good leadership skills, VERY beautiful.

Weaknesses: Can be lazy, self indulgent, vain, high maintenance, temperamental, arrogant, a sociopath, slight madness...a control freak.

Personality: Lillith is very charismatic, but she is also manipulative, a sociopath,and sneaky. She is very clever, very smart, but also VERY ruthless.

Background: Lillith is the second child, and the oldest daughter of Todd McCloud, and Lola Foxglove. She is also the brains of Nebulae Fox, and the leader thereof.

Theme Song: "Diamonds are a Girl's best friend"
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