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Julius Quasar
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Well, I liked certain aspects of it, like each player having their own unique vessel.

But what I disliked was the team breaking up, the 8 different endings, some of them depressing as hell. The fuel/time limits, and collecting all those stars was a pain, and the controls themselves....D-Pad AND stylus use required, along with the buttons. Give us a break.

The "Kursed" concept is cool, but wrong. If they made "Kursed" more like "The Crow", then maybe I'd like that concept of her a little more, but...as things are currently with the "Kursed" concept, nah.

The characters were poorly animated, they didn't have real dialogue, and the enemy was just...ridiculous. The artwork and music stank.

Thank God that game and its storyline and storyline endings are NOT considered canon.

Edited by Julius Quasar, Oct 19 2010, 03:45 PM.
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