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Outside the college, a shuttle landed, allowing its passengers - none of whom were Cornerian - to exit. The first was a human, Rick Thompson, followed by a Cardassian named Tret Morke'el. The third passenger, a Protoss by the name of Kalzar, walked out, followed by a Romulan named Darvan Tulak. The four found themselves the subject of stares coming from the rest of the student body. Rick decided to break the silence.

"Hey, we're from the Interstellar Exchange Program! You don't have to gawk at us like a deer caught in headlights!" He hollered. This brought chuckles from some students, but slightly angered looks from others, especially a doe carrying a large stack of books. Rick quickly looked at her, before simply saying "Oh....".

"What is it you humans say at times like this?" Tret asked. "Smooth move, exlax?"

"Shut up, Tret."
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