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Fox is the name, Tech is my game
Nov 16 2010, 05:03 PM
Welcome to the Corneria College.
This College has it all, for all your learning needs.
Dorm rooms are available to all, Men with theirs, and Women with their own.

(Rp follows basic Role Playing Rules.....hope you guys have fun ^^ )

Colin would exit the Library, beginning to head to the Cafeteria on the south end of the school. "Why the hell do they place the IMPORTANT buildings so far apart?" he would ask himself with a grunt. He would begin to walk, feeling the heat of Solar hitting the college, with no clouds in the sky at this time, it was a little more hotter then usual. He would place a hand onto the strap of his backpack that he had on, giving a slight sigh.
Mark stirred out of bed, and climbed out of his bunk. "Guh....what time is it?" His ears spiked when he noticed the time. He had maybe 5 minutes to get to class, if he was lucky. "Crap crap..." He gathered all of his things, and headed out the door, and ran down to the walkway to the academic side of the campus. "Don't be late Mark, Don't be late" He said to himself. As this happened he ran into an individual, and he stopped. "Dude, I am sorry!!!" He said to the Fox wolf Hybrid
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