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Nov 23 2010, 05:15 PM
I played my DS in high school. I asked the teachers and made sure it was okay as long as it didn't distract and I was finished with my work.

See, sometimes it pays to become friends with your teachers! :t^_^:

That would never in a million years happen to me...heck anyone I know. That teacher must be awesome.

Anyway, my first GB was a colour. Then I got the pocket from my cousin. Next I got my GBA (again from my cousin). And finally, the DS...if that counts as a GB.

The main game I did play for GB colour (because I had it the for longest time out of all GB I had received) was pokemon Silver. When I was done the story, I remember spending another 50 hours on it because I was hooked on to it. Then my friend gave me Red a few years later. That's when I went to GB pocket and worked on Red. When I finished, I started to play a few other games like Super Mario Land (sooo frustrating) and megaman. Next, my GBA life consisted of Megaman and Bass, Golden Sun 1 and 2, Breath of Fire II, and a few other games. Surprisingly, not Pokemon R/S/E.
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