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Oh and Majoras mask was soooo annoying. I never really got used to how the save thing went (save at the owl or by playing the song of time) until I got to around half or the story. Even when I got used to it, an error would occur and sometimes had to start at Day 1 all over again.

And getting all the masks practically sucked the time out of my life. So many side quests...

The last thing I still regret though I never will have the guts to complete again is getting the spin attack upgrade after you kill the first boss. You see, When I finally killed the first boss, it was the third day and I had almost no time left in the day. So I panicked and played the song of time without going to the fairy's fountain to upgrade my spin attack. After that, I didn't feel like going through the dungeon again just to collect all the fairies so I could upgrade my spin attack. Normally, I would aim at 100% completion for LOZ games, but like I said, Majoras mask was annoying and I just didn't want to go through the pain again.
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