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I never thought I would see the day I would find a fan of Fire Emblem to the extent such as myself *tear*

My favorite character is Shinon. Even though he is a lazy racist bastard, he is still badass. Especially when you promote him to Marksman in Radiant Dawn. He was nearly untouchable. Literally.

Then you give him the double bow, which gives him a range of 1-3 (Double bow lets you fire point blank and being a marksman gives you a +1 range right off the bat). Then you give him the Boots item, and the skill that gives a +2 movement, so that gives him a plus four.

He already has a 6 movement from being a sniper, a +1 move from promotion to Marksman, then +4 more from the boots and skill, bringing it to ELEVEN.

So in a turn, he has a maximum range of fourteen. Couple that with literally MAXED out stats, and have the double bow blessed by Yune which ups the stats EVEN MORE. He's an unstoppable juggernaut machine!
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