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Nhas berhu uhna'dha!
Hey guys, Evilwaffles here. Since this is my first blog post here at SFG I guess this should be about me letting you guys know a bit about me:

Name/Alias: Evilwaffles/Reeceyp0
Age: 18 (BD: 04/15/1992)
Height: 6"2"
Weight: 82kg (182lbs)
Nationality: Australian *prepares for some kind of joke from someone* :P
Current Occupation: Student/Customer Service Assistant for Vodafone
Favorite Activities: Gaming, Sports, Writing Fan-Fics, 3D models, Role Playing, Creating Digital art, being on here.
Favourite Sport(s): Australian Rules Football
Favourite Game(s): Call of Duty Series, Starcraft Series, Warcraft Series, Diablo series, Starfox Series (duh), Zelda Series, Metal Gear Solid Series, etc
Favourite Starfox Game: 64/Assualt
Favourite Starfox Character: Fox/Krystal
Hopeful Career: Character artist (gaming)

So... yeah. There's a little about me, I hope to fill up this blog soon with some interesting topics of stuff and such :P
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