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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Well, here's some basics about me:

Name/Alias: Julius Quasar
Real Name: N/A
Age: 28 (D.O.B. Feb '82)
Height: Dwarf :P
Weight: So heavy...ouch! (j/k)
Nationality: American (hope to one day start my own nation)
Current Occupation: Rent-A-Cop
Favorite Activities: Gaming, practicing with firearms, Writing Fan-Fics, studying art, going to the mall, watching anime, Role Playing, buying/trying on clothes, coin collecting, working out, seeing movies, listening to many kinds of music, daydreaming, fursuits, watching youtube vids, cosplaying, martial arts, writing angry manifestos, reading, being on here.
Favorite Sport(s): None. I hate sports. *hides under the bleachers*
Favorite Game(s): Double Dragon Series, Hitman series, Starfox Series, old school stuff...
Favorite Starfox Game: Original and Assault
Favorite Starfox Character: Fox/Krystal
Hopeful Career: Bestselling Author

I'll write more later.

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