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Julius Quasar
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My dad should have stayed in a @#$%ing convalescent hospital after his surgery, but NNNNOOOOOO, that would be too convenient for us. He HAD to ruin Christmas for us, and my stupid lazy retarded pig of an aunt encouraged him to fight us regarding putting him in a convalescent hospital, where he would've had a multi-person staff caring for him 24/7. Instead, he came home, and my mom and I have to care for him, and my stupid aunt hasn't lifted a finger to help, despite being retired. And my idiot judgmental pig-nazi cop oldest sister did more harm than good coming down here to "help". She also fought us against putting dad in a convalescent hospital. My other sister barely helped at all. If these stupid "friends" of dad's, and relatives of ours are gonna give us flak about putting him in a C.H., then they should come over and help care for him. Those stupid @$$holes (my second oldest sister is okay, but my oldest sister the cop is still a stupid @$$hole).

Also, for those of you who want to be a lawyer, a paralegal, or even a public notary...


It's no wonder my dad had a triple bypass. A dozen judges in LA County have had to have it withing the past 10 years or less, 2 dozen lawyers have gone through it....the job of attorney, regardless of what kind, is LETHAL! A real widow-maker. It's nothing like you see on TV, and the stereotypical rich lawyer you hear of is extremely rare. You'd have to sell your soul and life away to a large law firm, whom will work you 24/7 until you keel over dead. No social life, no nothing.

I get stressed out enough working at that law office of my dad's, and I'm only a receptionist. The next @#$% who suggests I be a lawyer like my dad, I'm gonna break his stupid head open with a tire iron. :troll:
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