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God, I love PS2. It's got a huge game library, so there's bound to be some crap in it, but there were all kinds of gems. Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and the Kingdom Hearts games, to name a few. It's probably the most successful console ever, in my opinion, due to the long life it had (games were still being made for it last year O.0) and for the overall quality of many of the games that were on it.

I seen no reason to get PS3.....mainly because the graphics look the same IMO.....only reason for getting one would be Kingdom Hearts

PS3's graphics are FAR superior, but I rarely base opinions off of graphics. I have a PS3 because I enjoy a few of the games, free online is nice, linking with my PSP is cool, and it's fun browsing the web on my hi-def TV.
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