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Rising Phoenix
CDF Third Lieutenant
Things continue to advance, and my dreams are getting weirder and weirer.

Directly from my dream journal:

First: So, I am buying laser weapons and putting them in my schoolbag. They all look alike (silver, cilindrical), however they have subtle differences. Eventually my mother and father come to pick me up in their car. It is night...

Second: I am on the Earth's orbit, in a Zeppelin. I am testing a new type of aircraft. After 3 tries, I go inside the Zeppelin and say: "This desing is a failure, I will make a new one". I am handed a list of equipment with which to build a new desing. I notice I am wearing a Soviet Officer's outfit...

Third: I see a group of Soviet tanks moving along a street. The houses are all the same. I then move to the top of a hill; I find out that there are 4 sides fighting in this "conflict". It is cloudy, but it is not raining. I see a Commando in a helicopter, as if ready to jump from it. He tells me: "Take a side". I understand then, that he is with the 'Revolutionay Peasants'. The other side is the "Soviet Army" (but is not called that), and there are also 2 other sides. They are in a brief truce, but will soon be fighting again. I sense a big conflict ahead.
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