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Jem'Hadar Observer
A list of the various trolls and idiots I've had to put up with both online and IRL over the years. Some of you may remember this thread from SF-O. Others may not. Anyway, I decided to make a way of categorizing them:

The Rabid x-Fanboy: Someone who blindly defends a franchise in a debate.
The Left/Right-wing Idiot: Someone who is just full of themselves and their political party.
The Religious Nutcase: Just that.
The Spree-Posting Troll: Someone who comes in and makes a big mess before leaving after a short time.
The Worthless Scumbucket: Just that.
The Doofus Extraordinaire: Darwin Award-worthy individuals.

Also, I'll provide links to the Flame Warriors roster to help you understand just who I've dealt with.
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