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Jem'Hadar Observer

Troll Type: Rabid Star Wars Fanboy

Flame Warrior Type: Enfant Provocateur, Lonely Guy

Where I know him from: Starfleet Jedi

Exact Quote: "I cannot understand you bastards. You are all pro-Trek, and yet you do not admit the Federation has several weaknesses. I admit the Empire does too, but come on, say something at least in favor of both sides!" from "The Federation is weak"

Description: Either a kid, a troll, or a complete idiot that was banned from StarDestroyer.Net, he wandered over to SFJ spouting Pro-Wars nonsense. But that's not the half of it. Half the time, he'd flame us, saying that "Mike Wong had proved that Star Wars tech was superior to Star Trek tech, why can't you Trekkies see that?", or he'd bitch about Wong, and how big a putz he was. Seriously, either the guy was bipolar, or just stupid. Also wrote "fanfics" that read more like they came out of a history textbook. Came up with some moronic thing called the "Orange Star", which was like the Death Star, except that half the time it's beam had the intended effect of the Genesis device, and it was painted orange. When asked "why is it called the 'Orange Star'?", he said it was because orange was his favorite color. *WHAM!* His behavior was so bad, that Jedi Master Spock had to issue him a temp-ban, and hope he learned his lesson. He didn't.

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