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Jem'Hadar Observer
Blackfoot (aka Cee Jay, aka GANK MASTER, aka geedis, aka LayLow, aka Mister Goodbar, aka Joe Hennessy, aka total kaos, aka steve samurai jack.)
Troll Type: Doofus Extraordinaire

Flame Warrior Type: Duelist (jack, Conchaga), Ego, Ethnix
Where I know him from: ASVS, Troll Kingdom

Exact Quote: "Evrey other thread is about Jack. When New Age Posting was spanking that ass daily, there where no other posters going against him.

Jack misses Blackfoot and New Age Posting so much he create 8 more duals to talk to hiself.
He's trying to take the abscence of Blackoot to re-establish what Blackfoot took from him. Jack couldn't stomach the fact that his place was taken by Blackfoot.

GOD I need to PRAY.

AMEN!" (under the guise of GANK MASTER) from "JESUS CHRIST, since New Age Posting has been daycared...".

Description: Wow, where to begin? First off, Blackfoot is a stereotypical black person. Actually, calling Blackfoot that would be like saying absolute zero is cold. Blackfoot has shown time and time again to be an idiot, who generally speaks in the third person. He also brags about "New Age Posting" and other such nonsense. He has also shown real-life examples of having no common sense, such as driving to Philadelphia from Dallas, while sporting a Cowboys flag, and going to an Eagles game. Needless to say, when the Eagles beat the Cowboys, he certainly wasn't in the best of moods. As you could tell by all those other names, he has a ton of sock puppets. If anyone comes to your website, and claims to be "Down with Blackfoot and New Age Posting", it's Blackfoot. It's no surprise that he was sent to Daycare, which is a subforum on TrollKingdom, where, if you've proven yourself to be an idiot, you're "sent" there, meaning you can only post THERE.

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