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Jem'Hadar Observer

Troll Type: Rabid Warhammer 40K Fanboy

Flame Warrior Type: None of them seem to fit him really...

Where I know him from: StarCraft Legacy

Exact Quote: "Heretics! Hear my words! You have been corrupted by the Ruinous Powers into being entertained by blasphemies! The Emperors Angels, the Space Marines, are NOT prison soldiers! They are Mankind's Champions! How many of your homes have been saved through their intervention?! Turn your eyes from this cheap bauble called "Starcraft II" and return your eyes to the face of your FATHER, the God-Emperor! "

Description: Okay, we all know that StarCraft and Warhammer 40,000 are "rival" franchises (along with Halo), right? Well, just before StarCraft II came out, this guy came over to SCL in the guise of some Imperial religious nut, claiming that we shouldn't play SC2, and should embrace the God-Emperor of Man. However, trolling attempts on SCL almost always turn into lolfests for the members, and disappointments for the troll. I decided to counter-troll him, but that event brought in other members, and came close to devolving into a flame war. I admitted that I like both StarCraft and Warhammer 40K, but only some things in the setting of the latter, and the things I liked didn't include the Imperium of Man. This of course, made him huff and puff, before finally revealing that he was a normal person, and the charade was off. Haven't really seen him since.

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