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Jem'Hadar Observer

Troll Type: Rabid Star Trek Fanboy

Flame Warrior Type: Garble, Loopy, Target, Tireless Rebutter, Ferrous Cranus, Bong
Where I know him from: Starfleet Jedi, ASVS

Exact Quotes: "Q desides to thow two againist each other. Galaxy X class starship power phaser chrew Death star up." from "Galaxy-X-class starship vrs Death Star".
"UFP MACO whip the carpet with Stormtroopers died bodies." from "Star Wars Empire Stormtroopers vrs Star Terk MACO".
"Also my I remain we never seen any one have used infrared or any from light other laser seem able pich Predtor quit will" from "UFP vrs Predator".

Description: Jason is either the biggest moron or best meta-troll ever to live. It's incredibly hard to tell which. He has an unhealthy obsession with the "Yesterday's Enterprise" timeline, but also screws it up. Despite the fact that Picard said that the Federation would have to surrender to the Klingons in six months, Jason has proclaimed that the Federation was WINNING the war against the Klingons. This went on for fourteen pages. He also thinks that Redshirts could take on both Aliens and Predators. Not to mention his garbled English. Oh my GOD is it garbled. He is also a Federation-wanker. He also posts on StarTrek.com's forums, under the name "Jason222".

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