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This rp has been approved by Ris


People playing Pokemon have choice of being caught (This makes it to where People playing a Pokemon are not stuck if the Trainer is not online)

No Move Restrictions

Trainers can have any pokemon (as long as it is reasonable)

Legendaries can be played (again with reason and moderation on their strength)

No putting down about how others play certain roles (pretty much how open say a Charizard would be to a human or how wimpy a Psyduck can be)

and of course the basic rules of God Moding and what not....

EDIT: The rp is open to everyone, anyone can join. Furthermore, RPers already in the rp are welcome to bring in other characters they have as they see fit, this will keep things interesting as well as bring in new material for the rp


Charizard laid near the lake of the forest, his body was curled up with his tail touching his nose. Even though the city was only a couple of miles away, he heard nothing from it. He slowly began to open his eyes and gave a yawn as he woke into the morning. He raised his neck, but tilted his head downward, seeing young Charchy by his side, which made waking up a little worth while. "I think I'll let him sleep a little while longer...." He thought to himself, as he began to hear the Pidgey and other wild Pokemon beginning to stir, but he didn't really mind it, it was peaceful.
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