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A leafeon was walking in the grass, searching for any nearby forest she could find. She had just been released by her old trainer after he became a gym leader. He chose to specialize with the Flying type. He chose to release his other pokemon, since he figured he wasn't going to use them anymore. He did so to give them another chance at freedom, and to live their own lives, however, this leafeon did not feel this way. She was bitter toward him, having felt her trust betrayed. "How could he do this to me after all we had been through?" she asked out loud to no one in particular.

"Excuse me miss...." a voice cried out from some nearby grass. A pidgey flapped it's way out to avoid startling her too much. "I couldn't help but over hear you. What's your name, are you alright?" it asked, bombarding her with questions.

"My name's Kassandra," she said getting into a fighting stance, "and I'm not about to trust a pidgey of all things." She let loose a battle cry and charged at the offending bird. She stops a few feet short and launches a bunch of leaves out toward it in a Razor Leaf attack. "Get out of here, now!!!" she screamed as a few leaves hit the pidgey, but not enough to knock it out. The pidgey shrieked in agony and promptly flew off.
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