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The Arctic Fox
Name: Darrien Richter

Actually human.

Age: 15

Appearance: Darrien stands 5' 8" with a fit, though not very muscular, build. He has calm, emerald green eyes with fairly short, though maybe a little messy, straight, light brown hair, his bangs almost reaching down to touch his eyes. Darrien wears baggy, black pants, held up by a black belt, and a plain white wifebeater (the tight tank tops, you know). He carries a small backpack on his back where he keeps whatever little equipment he has with him ( http://www.parkour-online.com/images/PKBag.jpg ). Over his right arm is a white wristband and further up another band goes over his elbow, his left arm remaining uncovered.


Four Pokemon were running in a pack through the forest, two of them giving an occasional bark. A young boy was running ahead of them, his eyes set straight ahead of him as he raced ahead of the Pokemon. But he wasn't running in fear. A grin adorned his face, his green eyes eagerly lit. Looking back slightly over his shoulder for just a second, he called back, "You're doing great, guys!"

A small Growlithe barked in reply, his tongue lolling out as he ran along with the others, his own eyes wide and bright in his youth. A Manectric then ran up beside the human, keeping pace with him, his features of a rather stoic nature so far. Perhaps determined would be the better word. Off to the other side and a little behind the boy ran a Houndoom, sleek and proud, and just beside him, almost directly behind the trainer, ran a little Poochyena, the puppy occasionally glancing up at the Houndoom before looking back at his trainer's heels. A little yap escaped him, too, at the praise they received, a quiet gleam of pride in his eyes despite holding a rather composed expression.
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