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Jan 13 2011, 08:16 PM
"I'm not sure," Kas nervously says. Her uncertainty showing greatly. She begins to walk in a small circle, trying to find something to occupy her mind, even if slightly. She finds a small patch of dead grass about a foot away. The leafeon trudges up slowly to it and gathers some verdant energy around her. She begins to shine slightly with a soft green glow. She closes her eyes and begins to revive the grass. It perks right up at her feet and the glow that surrounds Kas begins to fade. She opens her eyes and looks around.
Charchy began to clap in amazement, "That was cool!!!" he stated in excitement. He quickly began to look around, trying to find something similar. Once he has he placed his claws over the dead patch of grass. He to closed his eyes and tried to focus, but instead of the desired result, his tail began to burn more brightly. Charizard say this and fell back laughing, soon getting a hold of himself as he got up and walked over to his grandson, "That was a nice attempt Charchy..." he soon turned to the Leafeon. "That is a nice little trick you have there miss, would be a great help to the forest..." he stated, giving her a wink complimented with a smile as he picked up his Grandson, who began to flail to get out of his Grandfathers hold. Charizard soon let go to let the little one play. Charchy began to run around to burn off his energy. Charizard looked down towards the Grass type. "So, what brings you to this forest, or do you live here?" he asked.

Sophia could be found down in the lake, on a surfboard?? "Alright Gyarados, Use your tail to try to make a wave!" the giant Pokemon smiled as he raised his tail and thrusted it through the water, pushing up a pretty decent wave. As the wave approached Sophia she got prepared and soon began to stand on the board, surfing back towards the shore as a high speed. After a few moments she landed, turning back to her Gyarados, "Awesome job, boy!" she said smiling, which made the Pokemon bobble back and forth, before sinking into the water. Vaporeon soon came running over with a towel, giving it to Sophia to cover the lower half of her body. She turned her head to find Zangoose laying just inside the brush of the forest, keeping away from the water, it made Sophia laugh that of all the water type pokemon she had, the one oddball was afraid of the water. Sophia and her pokemon soon began to look around, "Barking?" she asked them. She began to investigate, walking slowly through the forest with Vaporeon and Zangoose at her two sides like always. She soon discovered what looked like a boy running from a pack of dog looking pokemon. Zangoose began to run towards the oncoming pack and took a stance, hoping the boy would get behind him for protection.
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