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Now I well and shall prove why the wii is fantastic.1. The wii has plenty of good and great game's, ports or exclusive's.2. It single handed change the entire game indursty.3. It does not lack any games4. ps3 and 360 stole from the wii.5. okay maybe its online sucks but at least its free 6. HD doesn't mean games are good and gameplay > graphics.So does anyone got anything to argue with?

Not that I honestly care about the console wars (they all carry their own pros and cons)but without competition, the industry would not be what it is today :smile:

1. It does have quite a few notable titles, most of which being Nintendo 1st party games, but when it comes down to it, too many of the games are nothing beyond shovel-ware.

2. Fair point, it did bring the whole "Motion Control" fad into the industry

3. Far from the truth as there is a large amount of multiplatform games that skip on the Wii

4. Not necessarily, the idea of motion control has been around for A LONG TIME. This could be argued in many different forms; Kinect ripped off EyeToy, EyeToy Play and EyeToy Sports were ripped off by Nintendo as Wii Play and Wii Sports, etc.

5. PS3's online is also free, although there is a paid option. Online quality depends on your connection, but the Wii's online infrastructure could be improved.

6. It's true that graphics don't make the game, but while technology moves on, and a new console is released, it is customary to utilize that new tech, and not stick with older versions. HD is beneficial as almost everything is headed that way. Since HD is more or less the standard now, it is expected that there should be HD.

I'm also surprised that Nintendo didn't opt for DVD/CD playback for the Wii, I'm sure it could add more to their impressive sales.
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