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Now I well and shall prove why the wii is fantastic.

Let me begin by pointing out that I love the Wii. It is tied with PC and PS2 for one of my most played gaming systems. That said...


1. The wii has plenty of good and great game's, ports or exclusive's.

Yes, it does, including FE: Radiant Dawn, which is one of my favorite games. Still, most of its exclusives are just trying to cash in on Wiimote Waggling and have no real substance to them. Those titles that are noteworthy are very, very good, but most Wii games are too reliant on a single gimmick that isn't even very good from a gaming standpoint.

2. It single handed change the entire game indursty.

In a sense, yes. However, I'm generally of the opinion that the change it brought on hasn't been used very well. Shooting games, like Metroid Prime 3 and Resident Evil 4 made good use of motion controls, but many games, as I said above, rely simply on "OMG SWING THE WIIMOTE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND HOPE YOU WIN!" It has potential, but few have actually realized it.

3. It does not lack any games

Completely untrue. There's all sorts of games that aren't available on the Wii. Basically any FPS game avoids it like the plague, and there's plenty of other games that passed it up in favor of XBox and PS3.

4. ps3 and 360 stole from the wii.

This is debatable. Peripherals using motion control or other similar features have existed on past consoles, but it wasn't until Wii that they became mainstream and popular. In any case, I'd hesitate to say it's even possible to steal something like motion controls. It's just a concept, and each console has implemented it differently. Saying that 360 and PS3 stole motion controls is like saying NES stole controllers from the first gaming system.

5. okay maybe its online sucks but at least its free

Just because it's free doesn't excuse it. If it sucks, it sucks. Anyway, PS3 has free online as well.

6. HD doesn't mean games are good and gameplay > graphics.

HD doesn't make games good, but having HD graphics > not having HD graphics. Also, lol@ bringing up gameplay in an argument about Wii. Most of Wii gameplay is gimmicky and unresponsive. There are a few games that do it right, but the vast majority of them have inferior graphics as well as abysmal gameplay.
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