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Jan 15 2011, 12:59 PM
Now I well and shall prove why the wii is fantastic.
1. The wii has plenty of good and great game's, ports or exclusive's.
2. It single handed change the entire game indursty.
3. It does not lack any games
4. ps3 and 360 stole from the wii.
5. okay maybe its online sucks but at least its free :D
6. HD doesn't mean games are good and gameplay > graphics.

So does anyone got anything to argue with?
I love the wii too. Its just, I think I have to express some of the downsides of the wii.

Let's start with your question 1.

You say plenty. I know few that meet "great" game requirements. Care to give me a few games?

2. That I agree on.

3. Oh yes it does. What site are we on now? Starfox galaxies my friend. They are missing Starfox. And a few other games...

4. In your perspective, yes. In fact, to a customer's perspective, yes. To the business, no. I mean, is it right for me to say that goldenye for the wii was stolen? I mean, the original Goldeneye was strictly for the N64. Now, it can be for the Xbox 360, Ps3, etc. I can't say that because those companies have legal rights to do so.

5. Online....:(

6. Agreed.
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