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I'm not going all fan boy and going 'omq evry1 is stealingz from Nintendo' but the point of the post here is that Playstation out right stole the controller design scheme from Nintendo, it is universially accepted, Sony even mentioned it in their 2010 E3 speech.

Steal - to appropriate (ideas, credit, words, etc.) without right or acknowledgment.

By your own words, Sony admitted to using the Wii's controller design, so by definition, they didn't steal it. This may seem like a trivial technicality, but I only bring it up to drive home my following point: Any industry is built around doing what works.

During the Industrial Revolution when the textile industry moved to factories, hand-made cloth went under. Factories made consistently better cloth for cheaper and in less time. When other factories started springing up, it wasn't stealing; it was accepting innovation and allowing their industry to evolve.

The same goes for the gaming industry. Sony did not steal the controller design. Rather, they embraced an innovation which had been proven effective, gave credit where it was due, and did their part in advancing the gaming industry as a whole. Whether this whole motion control fad will pan out into something substantial, I don't know, but saying that they stole the controller design is incorrect, both technically and in a more general sense.
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