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Julius Quasar
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Jan 12 2011, 02:02 PM
I'm still stuck with a ps2 sadly. I want a ps3 REALLY badly consider it has some games like inFamous and Batman AA. As a matter of fact, considering I have around 250$ I may just go out and buy an an old version since they play old ps2 games.

Beh! "PS3!" Ha! Give me a good old PS2 any day! Posted Image

You kids today and your 'new consoles'...why, when I was a lad, we were impressed by 16 or 64 bit graphics! And we were darn tootin' grateful for 'em! Now it's all about "online multiplayer action", and "Easter Eggs", and add on accessories...

Posted Image

I'm tired, gonna go take a nap...

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