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Jem'Hadar Observer

Troll Type: Rabid Star Wars Fanboy, Worthless Scumbucket.

Flame Warrior Type: Artful Dodger, Compost, Sycophant (Mike Wong), Duelist (Trekkies, Non-Rabid Warsies, Logic, Reason, Common Decency).

Where I know him from: ASVS

Exact Quote: "Please excuse me while I break out in uncontrollable laughter for a moment.

Now I know for a f*cking fact that you're f*cking delusional. A little atmospheric rippling obviously caused by the entry of the torpedoes does not mean the planet was leveled!

I'm about ready to f*cking give up. You little Trekkies will do whatever you do no matter how hard I try to pound sense into you. "

Description: Some low-life who decided to stir things up between ASVS and SDN. Made claims about why Star Wars was superior to Star Trek, without providing any evidence. Flamed everyone, even the Pro-Wars side for not adhering to SDN's debating philosophy and alignment, and claimed that the whole site was a "Trekkie Wank-fest". Also, put words in Tyralak's mouth concerning the 4chan invasion of SDN. Tyralak said that while 4chan's actions were despicable (Spammed SDN with CP), it was the fact that SDN got invaded and the resulting over-the-top reactions from SDN's senate that were amusing. Also, SDN thought that they could get away with pissing off 4chan (or any of the chans!). StarDestroyerAvenger claimed that this meant that Tyralak supported the CP posted on SDN, and that he should be arrested. Despite the fact that Tyralak had clearly said that he disapproved of 4chan's actions and that he hates CP. It states in the rules that if you are a pedophile or "a sick freak who enjoys CP", then Ty doesn't want you anywhere near his site. SDA ran off after Queen Tamar Garish came over from Troll Kingdom and took a few whacks at him.
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