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Viewing Single Post From: Compilation of Trolls and Idiots
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Jem'Hadar Observer
Bear Paws

Troll Type: Right-Wing Idiot

Flame Warrior Type: Capitalista, Blowhard, Troglodyte, Centurion, Ideologue (Right-Wing), Duelist (Admiral Paul, Airlocke, anyone who thinks any form of change at all is a good thing), Ferrous Cranus

Where I know him from: ASVS

Exact Quote: "Save our mother f*cking site?? History is replete with names like Mussolini Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Obama that tried to save the people from themselves..Oddly the only ones that succeeded bore names like Washington Jefferson, Churchill, and Lincoln"

Description: When the CrazyAmerica forum went down, it's members came over to ASVS until CrazyAmerica came back up. Despite the fact that the Admin of CA, stevenl said that CA going down was his fault, Bear Paws decided to blame it on Admiral Paul. Why? Who knows. Spoke of his wife like a trophy, saying "she's funny, hates geeks and their 'issues'". Claimed to have fought "Communist Fascists", despite the fact that Commies and fascists can't stand each other. When I called him out on this, he said "I don't have time to deal with malicious little children who have no respect for other people's wives!". WTF? Because of his pompous nature, and speaking of his wife like a trophy, Airlocke used the FU Store to change Bear's avatar to turtles fornicating. Bear said that this meant that Airlocke had no respect for his wife, when Airlocke explained that this meant that he was saying that Bear's wife was too good for him, and that he had to resort to, well, you get the idea. Bear Paws, however, took this harmless joke WAY too seriously, and threatened physical harm on Airlocke, despite that being both illegal and against ASVS' rules. Claimed that he "knew how to run a business", when he clearly doesn't. He's in favor of starting a business that sells products that appeal to people, but never expanding. For example, if he founded a whale oil company back in 1874, in Maine, he'd be in favor of it still selling whale oil now, despite the fact it's no longer in demand, and in fact illegal now. He doesn't seem to get it that you need to expand and change if you want to survive.
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